What is the secret of a successful result? - It’s a team of professionals, of course. There is a whole sequence of steps leading from the idea to its realization. And with a good team the success is guaranteed.


What makes an image complete? - The details, of course. And every small detail matters. The work of a stylist Lina and a MUAH Ellada create a princess like image of a bride. Chosen location - a castle - makes the bride feel like in a fairy tale. Floral designer Ekaterina Seehaus turns the interior of the site into the real home for the princess. Dreamy, romantic, exquisite image is completed by the hand-written calligraphy Vmeste Calligraphy on invitations and cards.


Once all ingredients added in the right proportion mix together, that’s when the magic of creation comes into action. Inspired by the idea, a team of professionals goes with the flow of indulgence into work, bringing into life a wonderful photo shoot that will inspire many others to create, generate, produce and grow.

Many thanks to everyone who worked on this photoshoot!

Wedding-planner: Alina Vandaele
Photography: Anna Doshina
Floral design: Ekaterina Seehaus
Hair & make-up: Ellada Obodovskaya 
Model: Sofi
Stylist: Lina Konstantinova
Calligraphy: Vmeste Calligraphy