Spring in Belgium is marvelous. It begins with the most fascinating phenomenon one can observe - blooming magnolia.

Last year I worked on a very special photoshoot with an amazing team. It was possible thanks to my friend Alina Vandaele and one of the the best wedding planners that I know in Belgium. It took place in the Botanic Garden Meise: perfect location included a castle and a garden with blooming magnolias. Couldn’t be better! I enjoyed the process very much anticipating the result. And I was not mistaken. This work was and remains one of my favorites. The photographer Anna Doshina was shooting on a film, which is not that common nowadays. The film cares for awesome colors, light and space you can see in the pictures.

I’m sharing this beautiful work with you, hoping that it’ll inspire someone for creativity or just will bring positive emotions and joy of contemplation.

Many thanks to everyone who worked on this photoshoot!

Wedding-planner: Alina Vandaele
Photography: Anna Doshina
Floral design: Ekaterina Seehaus
Hair & make-up: Ellada Obodovskaya 
Model: Sofi
Stylist: Lina Konstantinova
Calligraphy: Vmeste Calligraphy


Get inspired, create and surround yourself with beauty!


In my next blog, I’ll share with you the pictures that we took inside and near the castle. To be continued...